Python swallows, then throws up live monitor lizard. Surprise, it survives
Home WORLD Python swallows, then throws up live monitor lizard. Surprise, it survives
WORLD - September 13, 2019

Python swallows, then throws up live monitor lizard. Surprise, it survives

A miraculous yet nauseating moment was recently captured in Thailand. A woman discovered a huge bloated python in her home and immediately called for help. Things escalated when it turned out the giant snake had actually swallowed a huge monitor lizard. This discovery, however, didn’t come easy. People realized the snake had swallowed the reptile after it regurgitated it. What’s shocking is that the monitor lizard survived the ordeal and ran away moments after its extraordinary escape. If you think this is too much, wait till you watch the video of the bizarre incident.

The elderly woman discovered the bloated python early on September 12 at her home in Bangkok. By the time rescue workers arrived, the snake had completely swallowed the lizard. Volunteers got to work and though the snake tried to run away, they didn’t allow it to escape.

Finding itself in a tough spot, the snake began contorting and widening its jaws in an effort to throw up its prey. Video shows a black slime-covered monitor lizard sliding out of the python’s jaw.

While the lizard was unconscious at first, it slowly came back to life and moved around the room.

The scene left volunteer Somjed Kasulong, 35, surprised too. “In all of my ten years of catching snakes I have never seen anything like this. I have never heard of anything surviving after a python has eaten them because the snake will suffocate them first. It’s a miracle. The monitor lizard must be very, very strong,” he said.

“The lizard might also have played dead to save its energy and let the snake try to swallow it. But it would never have been able to escape if the snake was not disturbed. It was the lizard’s lucky day,” he added.

The volunteers checked the monitor lizard and noted it had no injuries. The python was also fine.

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