'I was depressed as hell': Actor Sameera Reddy opens up about post-partum depression
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ENTERTAINMENT - March 7, 2020

‘I was depressed as hell’: Actor Sameera Reddy opens up about post-partum depression

Bollywood actor Sameera Reddy spoke up about how she faced post-partum depression after the birth of her son Hans in 2015.

Speaking at a recent event, the video of which she posted on her Instagram page, the actor opened up about how she was a victim of body shaming from her teenage years and how she went on to lose weight and attain the perfect body because she wanted people to love her.

Speaking about pregnancy, she opened up about how she gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant. “I went from 72 to kg to 105 kg and when I gave birth, I was depressed as hell…I didn’t know what was happening…I was very very disillusioned when I gave birth. I was disillusioned to the point to where I got disconnected. And nobody spoke to me about it…Nobody told me it could go wrong,” the actor said.

Sameera Reddy said she had no idea that she could go through something like post-partum depression as nobody had spoken to her about it. “Because social media, advertising, all the sexy moms out there, everybody built this beautiful bubble around me, telling me it’s awesome.”

“You have everything, but you are not really ready. Nobody is really readying you for the fact that you are howling for no reason. You don’t know what the hell is going on…when the baby came, and this is really sad, but I am not crying about it now. But till recently, I couldn’t not cry when I said this. When Hans came, I felt completely disconnected. I didn’t know who he was. I gave him to my husband and told him, ‘I just don’t feel good about this, please take him’…I literally took me one week to understand what was going on,” the actor said.

About the weight gain during and after pregnancy, the actor said everybody reminded me about what she was and it made things only worse. “Women were mean, and I am not joking,” she said.

“…I would look in the mirror and hate myself. And I wish I had somebody to tell me it’s okay, it’s fine,” she said.

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