Amarinder Singh announces formation of new party, name and symbol not decided
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POLITICS - October 27, 2021

Amarinder Singh announces formation of new party, name and symbol not decided

Former Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh has announced that he is forming a new political party, one month after resignation from chief ministership.

In a press conference, Singh said that the request for the name and symbol has been sent to the Election Commission and that the details would be announced soon.

“Yes I am forming a party, but I can’t give you a name as our lawyers are working with the EC,” he said.

“I never said I would align with the BJP. I said I want seat-sharing with the BJP…. I am yet to talk to any political parties on forming any alliance for the upcoming assembly elections.”

“We will fight Navjot Sidhu from wherever he contests…. Ever since he joined, there has been a drop in popularity of the Congress.

“We will have plenty of Congressmen coming in the new party,” he said. He added that around 25 to 30 from the Congress would be join his party tomorrow.

Singh said that his new party would fight all 117 seats “when the time comes”.

Singh had resigned as Punjab chief minister on September 18 and announced that he would be quitting the Congress. Last week, he said he would soon launch his own political party to contest in the 2022 Punjab elections.

He even hinted at a seat-sharing alliance with the BJP if the farmer’s issues are resolved in their interest.

“Punjab needs political stability and protection from internal and external threats. I promise my people that I will do what it takes to ensure peace and security, which is today at stake,” Singh had said in a tweet.

During the press conference, Singh expressed his concerns over cross-border security threats, including those involving the use of drones. He shared pictures of drones caught during his tenure.

“They mock me regarding security measures. My basic training is that of a soldier. I have been in the service for 10 years—from my training period to the time I left the Army, so I know the basics,” he said.

“On the other hand, I was Punjab home minister for 9.5 years. Somebody who has been the home minister for 1 month seems to say that he knows more than me…Nobody wants a disturbed Punjab. We must understand we have been through very difficult times in Punjab.”

“We have done a lot of work… Punjab is a destination for industries…. I have fulfilled 92 per cent of promises made in my manifesto,” he said, as he went on to highlight the achievements of his government.

Since his resignation, Singh has targeted Congress state chief Navjot Sidhu, saying that he was ready to do anything to “save the country from such a dangerous man”. He also criticised Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi calling them inexperienced.

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