Congress calls for lawsuit against Kailash Vijaywargiya for publishing 'misrepresented video'
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INDIA - POLITICS - April 14, 2022

Congress calls for lawsuit against Kailash Vijaywargiya for publishing ‘misrepresented video’

The Madhya Pradesh Congress has called for an investigation into the social media posts by BJP National Secretary General Kailash Vijayvargiya and legal action against him if the video used and claimed by the BJP leader in the post turns out to be fake, it is from a Khagone video. violent attacks in the state, thus turned out to be misleading, as the examiner and some users commenting on Vijayvargiya’s posts have shown.

The Congressional motion comes two days after the FIR filed a lawsuit in a number of cities in Madhya Pradesh against party leader Digwijaya Singh for the publication of a misleading video (from Bihar) purporting to be from Khagone. Singh later deleted the video from his Twitter account, but an FIR was registered against him over complaints from BJP workers in multiple cities.

Congress says if the state government doesn’t take action against Vijaywargi, it will file an FIR against the BJP leader.

Controversy erupted over a post on Vijayvargia Thursday afternoon on Twitter and Facebook, in which he used a video of a man with a beard and skull making several provocative statements. Vijayvargiya said in the publication (in Hindi): “This is Chachajaan’s Messenger of Peace Digvijaya Singh in Khargone. What should the police do apart from cracking down on them? Whoever holds a snake in his sleeve must have his hood crushed.”

Soon after Vijayvargiya’s post on Twitter, fact checkers like Alt News and Webqoof (Quint Fact Check) posted reports in the comment section that claimed that the video in question was from Nizamabad in Telangana from the year 2019, which was also circulated as that from Karauli in Rajasthan where communal clashes erupted on April 2. The reports also mentioned that action had been initiated by Nizamabad police against the man seen in the video.

Other users also pointed out to Vijayvargiya that the video was not from Madhya Pradesh and some also asked the BJP leader to delete it. However, the video and the posted continued to be on Vijayvargiya’s timeline at the time of filing of this report.

Digvijaya Singh takes a dig

Digvijaya Singh took a dig at Vijayvargiya, citing the latter’s Facebook post on Twitter to say “Kailash ji, the video you have posted is not from Khargone. The language you have used is provocative. Why shouldn’t Shivraj ji (CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan) and Narottom ji (Home Minister Narottam Mishra), who are your special well-wishers, register a case against you? I will not do so, because I know that it’s not ‘acche din’ (good days) for you currently.”

However, MP Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja quoted Vijayvargiya’s post to say “BJP national general secretary has tweeted this video, claiming it to be from Khargone. Is this video from Khargone?.. Perhaps not? If this video is not from there (Khargone), then a case should be registered against him too on the basis of this fake video. This is an action to disturb harmony.”

Later, in a video statement, Saluja said case was registered against Digvijaya Singh despite him deleting a controversial video (from Bihar, which Singh had claimed to be from Khargone), so there should be a probe to find out whether the video used by Vijayvargiya was from Khargone and if not, similar action should be taken against the BJP leader.

Later, talking to THE WEEK, Saluja said the Congress will file a complaint against Vijayvargiya if the government fails to initiate action against him.

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