Punjab CM announces 300 units of free electricity for home users every month but with condition
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INDIA - POLITICS - April 16, 2022

Punjab CM announces 300 units of free electricity for home users every month but with condition

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Man announced 300 units of free electricity every month for local consumers starting July 1 on Saturday.

But there are drivers. CM Mann said that households that consumed more than 600 units in two months were outside the scope of the free electricity system and had to pay the full bill.

He further said that family planning and freedom fighters who previously received 200 units of free electricity will also receive 300 units of free electricity per month. Only units above the free power limit will be charged, Mann said.

CM has also stopped rumors that the free electricity scheme for farmers is coming to an end. He said electricity subsidies for industry would also continue.

Mann said Punjab produces energy but energy is expensive in the state. Comparing Punjab to Delhi, he said Delhi buys electricity from two private companies, but 73 percent of people in Delhi get free electricity.

The Council of Ministers has also canceled the electricity bill due on December 31, 2021 for households with an electricity load of up to 2 kilowatts.

This was one of the first pre-election promises Kerival made on June 29, 2021, when he announced that if the AAP came to power in Punjab, the party would not only waive pending domestic bill payments, but also free all electricity for free. will give .Household.

Following Mann’s report, Keirival said the AAP in Punjab had fulfilled its first promise of free electricity, stressing that his party had not made false promises.

“An honest and patriotic government with clear intentions has come to Punjab. We will not let a lack of funds hinder progress,” Keirival tweeted.

AAP MLA and senior party leader Aman Arora said Prime Minister Bhagwant Man made the biggest decision today in terms of power in our country.

So far, no government in the country has announced free electricity for most of the population. With this decision, 80 percent of families in Punjab will get free electricity.

There are more than 73,000 household electricity consumers in Punjab, of whom around 62,000 will benefit directly from this solution.

Arora allayed concerns some sections of society might not fully benefit from the scheme, saying the tab was added to ensure there is no loss or misuse of electricity. If electricity became completely free, it could be consumed unnecessarily and wasted, which would plunge the country’s energy system into crisis.

He added, only a small part of the population has not been able to fully enjoy this program because of the use of air conditioners, refrigerators, and others. in summer, but they are also covered by this scheme for the remaining 8-9 months.

It has been found that out of approximately 73,80,000 home users in the state, approximately 62.25,000 users use less than 300 units per month.

The cost of providing free energy to all is estimated at around Rs 1,300 per month. The state government has provided free electricity to farmers and 200 units free for scheduled castes, underprivileged classes and BPL (Below the Poverty Line) families. Industry is also gaining strength more slowly.

The current total electricity subsidy is IDR 12,000 per year. The state has outstanding debts of Rs.300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Punjab’s electricity consumption has reached 8,000 MW and will increase to almost 15,000 MW in the coming days once rice planting begins.

Long-standing power outages have occurred in rural areas. The situation is somewhat better in urban areas, but power cuts lasting one to two hours are common here.

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